Top 5 boom-or-bust Buffalo Bills players for 2024

The Buffalo Bills are depending on a handful of players to step up this season and deliver. A few of them can have a big year or disappear before the start of the season.
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Von Miller

It seems so long ago that Buffalo announced they were signing Von Miller to a free-agent contract, but it was just two seasons ago. He started exactly how the Bills and fans envisioned; however, it all came crashing down when he suffered a season-ending ACL injury. He missed the remainder of the 2022 season and half of 2023. But when he returned, he wasn't close to the same pass-rusher, leading many fans to want him out. Miller returns this season, in what hopes to be a comeback season of sorts.

Miller took a substantial pay cut this offseason thought, which was a commendable move on his part. The new contract includes several incentives that could get his contract value back to where it was. If the Bills get pre-ACL Miller, that would be massive for the Buffalo defense. I have little doubt he will make the 53-man roster, as Buffalo will give him every opportunity to succeed in 2024. They need him to succeed in 2024.