Top 5 boom-or-bust Buffalo Bills players for 2024

The Buffalo Bills are depending on a handful of players to step up this season and deliver. A few of them can have a big year or disappear before the start of the season.
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Chase Claypool

On talent alone, Claypool is at the top of the wide receiver depth chart, but his physical ability has never been the issue. His heart and attitude are what was holding this player back from becoming a mainstay in the NFL. So far, he has said all the right things and seems to understand this could be his last shot at making and sticking on an NFL roster. If his mind is in the right place, he could be a huge addition to the Bills receiver room.

On the flip side, he could be gone from this roster before the season even begins. The Bills brought in several receivers this offseason, all of whom will be trying to make the team's final 53-man roster. It's an uphill battle for Claypool, with so much competition at the position, but he has the talent to earn it, but he could fail as well. Luckily, the risk on the Bills' part isn't that great, so if this doesn't work out, it's not a big loss for Buffalo.