These 5 players can make or break the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl chances

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Dalton Kincaid - Tight end

Dalton Kincaid can be a difference-maker in these playoffs. He has the talent to stretch the middle of the field, putting pressure on defenses to defend the seams. This would also open up things underneath for Khalil Shakir and James Cook, and perhaps Dawson Knox if the team is in two tight sets. Kincaid can be a huge factor all around and help open up this offense. He can beat single coverage against most linebackers and if he finds the holes in the zone, Allen can feed him all day. This in turn should create more one-on-one matchups for Stefon Diggs as well.

Entering his first postseason, Kincaid will have a chance to add some playoff records to his resume. He's already set a few regular season records. Kincaid can be a matchup nightmare for any team in the postseason. With the way teams have been coming at Allen with their various blitz packages, Kincaid can be the perfect outlet, as we saw late in the Miami game. It seemed to take the duo a couple of quarters to figure that out, but Allen started hitting Kincaid over the middle when the Dolphins brought the pressure. More of that and teams will start to back off the blitz and look for other ways to stop Buffalo's offense.