Did Taron Johnson let the secret out about who will call Bills defense in 2024?

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills have a new defensive coordinator for the upcoming season in Bobby Babich. He is certainly not new to the Bills as he has been with the organization since 2017 and moved his way up from assistant defensive backs coach to safeties coach to recently linebackers coach for the past two years.

His impact has been felt during this time with the safety position being a strength for a number of seasons and recently the linebacker position taking a big step forward. The Bills last season didn't officially have a defensive coordinator after Leslie Frazier left last offseason and Sean McDermott would end being the coach to call the defense.

The Bills' head coach has not publicly announced who would call plays for the upcoming season with Babich now in the role of defensive coordinator. Even this week, McDermott was asked prior to OTAs and said no decision was made and wouldn't happen until training camp.

Did Taron Johnson accidentally announce who will call plays for the Buffalo Bills?

After practice on Tuesday, starting nickel Taron Johnson was asked about Bobby Babich and his thoughts on him in that role. It might have just been a slip, and maybe nothing has been decided, but it certainly was the first big hint about whether Babich would be calling the plays.

""I think it's perfect for him. I think this is where he is going to thrive at. I mean he was already a great coach but now just being able to call the defense and his football knowledge is so high.""

Whether it is McDermott or Babich calling plays, the Buffalo Bills defense is in good hands. This has been one of the best defenses in the league and even with all the changes they should still remain one of the best in 2024.

As for Taron Johnson, he also will be stepping into a new role this season as he is now the veteran of the secondary. The departures of Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde, and Tre'Davious White this offseason resulted in a lot of lost experience but Johnson has been with this team since 2018 and should step in as the leader of the secondary. He will definitely need to be on the same page with whoever is calling the plays this upcoming season.