Stephen A. Smith goes scorched earth on voter who gave Josh Allen an MVP vote over Lamar Jackson

Sir, this is a Wendy's.
Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

The NFL Honors were held on Thursday night leading into Super Bowl 58 and in not surprise fashion, Lamar Jackson was crowned the NFL MVP. It's Jackson's second MVP award but he wasn't the unanimous winner, as someone threw a vote toward Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

I'm sure it won't come as a shock to any of you but Stephen A. Smith did not like the stray vote for Allen. He went off about it on ESPN's First Take on Friday morning.

"That was a stupid homer vote by that individual, probably scared to go back in the locker room if he had voted against Josh Allen. That compromises everything. You have to be objective when you have a vote. And that writer -- I don't know who the hell it was -- but that's an embarrassment."

Stephen A. Smith is not happy that someone gave Josh Allen an MVP vote.

Smith is entitled to his own opinion but so is Aaron Schatz of FTN Fantasy, who was the individual that voted for Allen. Schatz is not someone who works for the Bills, unlike what Smith accused the lone Allen voter of doing.

Jackson was one vote away from being the unanimous MVP winner and clearly, that grinds Smith's gears. At the same time though, Allen had a tremendous season and the only reason the Bills were even in the playoffs was because of the performance he had in the final few weeks of the year. Meanwhile, Jackson had a tremendous defense helping the Ravens get to where they did.

Jackson had a great year and deserved the MVP award but to be angry at someone for throwing a vote at Allen just seems silly. Why can't we appreciate that there were two viable options here in the first place?