Stefon Diggs responds to Robert Griffin III "essential" message

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Well, here we are again. Stefon Diggs posted a message on X, formerly known as Twitter. The difference this time is the message was in response to a fan comment on a post from Robert Griffen III. Griffin asked, "Is Stefon Diggs essential to Josh Allen’s success?" I think the Bills are better with Diggs and there is no question, he played a part in helping Josh Allen in his development. Is he essential to Allen's success now?

A fan commented though, answering the question and said he doesn't believe Diggs is essential to Allen's success, to which Diggs responded with just two words. These days everything Diggs says gets blasted across the media, which is fine. I suppose it's our job and fans tend to gravitate to what he says. Is it all a ploy to try to get out of Buffalo, I don't know, but as long as he comments, there will be speculation.

The Buffalo Bills are better with Stefon Diggs.

To say Josh Allen needs Stefon Diggs or that he's essential to Allen's success is an unfair statement towards Allen. Allen has reached that point in his career where he elevates those around him, and he could be successful with or without Diggs. However, don't read this wrong. The Bills are a better team with Diggs, and I agree with what Robert Griffin said, with Allen and Diggs together, the Bills Super Bowl window is wide open.

I know some have pointed to the lack of production later in last season, but how much of that was offensive design, in trying to get others involved in the offense, opposing defenses focusing coverages on Diggs, not to mention rumors of a potential injury. Don't get me wrong, there were moments of frustration though, Diggs led the team in drops and some of those were huge, particularly in the playoffs. Even still, I'm not worried about Diggs in 2024 and I don't believe that age is a thing just yet. Diggs and Allen will rekindle that connection and give defenses fits again in 2024.


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