Ranking of the top wide receiver duos lands Buffalo Bills tandem in the top five for 2023

Bills Mafia has been largely down on Gabe Davis this off-season after what they believe was a disappointing 2022 season. CBS Sports thinks differently.
Buffalo Bills
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Gabe Davis turned in a playoff performance for the ages in the 2021 season, scoring four touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs in one of the greatest games you'll ever watch. The downside of the performance for Davis was the ridiculous expectations that were placed upon him for the following season.

Despite fan's opinions, at least one media outlet, CBS Sports, believes that Davis is part of an incredible duo with Stefon Diggs and ranked them the fifth-best tandem in the NFL. Here is what they had to say about the duo.

"Davis proved more mercurial than expected in his debut as a full-timer, but averaging 17+ yards per catch with almost 900 yards and seven scores while battling a lingering ankle injury proved he's still got the deep-ball athleticism to change games. Diggs, on the other hand, is arguably the most refined route-runner in the sport. Even going on 30, his alpha attitude is nearly unmatched, and it's a big reason he's coasted to almost 4,200 yards and 29 scores in the three years since he left the Vikings. "

CBS Sports

There has been a lot of discussion this off-season regarding whether the Buffalo Bills need more in their wide receiver room, specifically an upgrade at the number two spot. I personally believe in Davis and with an improved offensive line and better, more consistent play from the slot position, we will see Davis have a career year.

That's not to say he's going for 90 receptions and 1,500 yards but I think we'll see more consistency from him. If I'm putting numbers to it, I'd say 60+ receptions, a 1,000-yard season, and nine touchdowns. I think Bills Mafia would be happy with that sort of productivity.

Then there is Stefon Diggs and there is no question he'll get his numbers. I think offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, will do a better job this season of scheming up plays designed to get Diggs open to make plays. This is the one area of Dorsey I hope to see improvement from. Teams bracketed Diggs a lot last season and that was effective, so it's up to Dorsey to find ways to get Diggs the ball.

I'll even take it a step further and predict this duo combines for over 2,500 yards, 180 receptions, and 20 touchdowns. Call me crazy, and I might be, but if health isn't an issue again this season, I don't think these numbers are too much of an expectation, considering they combined for 156 catches, over 2,200 yards, and 18 touchdowns in 2023.

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