PFF lists 3 players on the Buffalo Bills current roster to build around

The Buffalo Bills have a ton of talent across their roster and are considered one of the strongest rosters in the NFL. But PFF lists three players they believe the team can continue to build around.
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PFF is known for putting out a lot of content ranking players, coaches, and teams. But they recently released what they believe to be the three players on the Buffalo Bills' roster the team should continue to build around and I don't fully agree with all their choices.

1. Josh Allen - Quarterback

2. Stefon Diggs - wide receiver

3. Gregory Rousseau - edge

I do agree with two of the three, that being both Allen and Rousseau; however, I think there are other options, not named Diggs, the team should build around going forward. But here is what PFF had to say about these three.

"The Bills have loaded up once again for 2023 and currently sit in second with $301 million in cash spending for the season. They need recent draft picks such as Gregory Rousseau to step up. Rousseau amassed 42 quarterback pressures and eight sacks on just 300 pass-rush snaps in 2022, earning a very respectable 82.7 pass-rush grade. The return of a healthy Von Miller and continued growth from Rousseau could help this defense keep up with the high-flying offense led by Allen and Diggs."


I have nothing against Diggs as a player and he'll likely be the Bills' number one guy for a few more years but he's approaching 30 years of age and his decline is coming sooner than later. Don't tell him that though, he'll disagree and probably tell you he can play until he's 40.

At any rate, I think the team will need to focus on the receiver corps very shortly and prepare for the inevitable. Is Davis someone the Bills can build around? Probably not, but one name that some fans love, while others are still unsure of is Khalil Shakir.

I'm a huge fan of Shakir's and will pound that drum while preparing to die on that hill for him. I think a lot of fans will see a side of Shakir that only Boise State fans have seen consistently. I live in the Boise area and have watched Shakir's collegiate career from the beginning. He's a guy that can play the slot or outside and can also be moved around the formation, creating confusion and mismatches.

Look for Shakir to have a huge 2023 season and begin to establish himself as a star in this league and a mainstay on the Buffalo Bills roster. I would love to hear your thoughts on this too. You can join in on the conversation at our BuffaLowDown Facebook page and share your opinion and questions.

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