Ranking the players most likely to lead Bills offense in receiving in 2024

Which player on the Buffalo Bills roster has the best chance to be the team's leading pass catcher in 2024?
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4. Keon Coleman

For the first time with Brandon Beane as general manager, the Bills would draft a wide receiver before Day 3 of the NFL Draft and that player was Keon Coleman out of Florida State. The Bills would trade back twice from their spot in the first round before selecting Coleman with the first pick of the second round and the expectations are very high for the rookie.

While he may be viewed as the replacement for Diggs, the Buffalo Bills have built the offense in a way that should take some pressure off his first season in the NFL. He should have a chance to earn the starting job but Coleman is probably going to be more of a replacement for Gabe Davis than Diggs.

Coleman is a bigger wide receiver that doesn't have the route running of Stefon Diggs and offensive coordinator Joe Brady will probably limit the routes he runs. The Bills will focus on the routes he runs well and will pick their spots when to go the rookie's way. This will limit his production but he will still be a part of the offense, just not the top pass catcher.