Ranking the last 10 first round picks in NFL Draft for the Buffalo Bills

Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins
Bills 2014 1st Round Draft Pick Sammy Watkins / Elsa/GettyImages
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#9-Sammy Watkins, 2014, Pick #4

After trying to grab a QB in the previous year who underperformed, the Bills went out in this draft to try and grab a WR that would help out the offense. Regardless of the QB, there was enough WR talent to help out even a lackluster offense.

Notable WRs taken after Sammy Watkins at #4 were Mike Evans (#7) Odell Beckham Jr. (#12) and Davante Adams (#53). Instead of trading back in the previous draft, they decided to get aggressive and trade from #9 to #4.

At the time, this seemed like the smart move. Watkins' rookie season was successful for a starter coming into the NFL, having 65 receptions on 128 targets, 982 yards, and 6 TDs. Watkins built on this and had his 1st and only 1,000+ yard season in his 2nd year (60 catches, 95 targets, 1,047 yards) and coming close to double digit touchdowns (9).

Sadly, Sammy's time in Buffalo was plagued with injuries, playing 13 games in 2015 and 8 games in 2016. The writing was on the wall for Sammy after the 2016 season. With the firing of head coach Rex Ryan in 2016 and with the hiring of new head coach Sean McDermott in 2017, it was inevitable there was going to be a change in regime, including player personnel. It was quite amazing that Sammy's sophomore season was so successful, only playing in 13 games and getting 65 more receiving yards than the previous season, along with 3 more TDs.

To call Sammy a bust is a slight overstatement, considering the regime at the time and the sub-par QB play. But Sammy never fully reached his true potential being a top 5 pick, and the Bills had to surrender a 2015 first round pick for it as well. I would grade this draft pick a D-.