Ranking the final 8 NFL playoff teams: who's the top dog

Buffalo Bills
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6. Green Bay Packers

I won't lie, I was a little surprised with how the Packers dominated the Cowboys. In my prediction piece last week, I picked Dallas for the win but well, that didn't work out for me. Props to the Packers though, who have been playing excellent football over the last couple of months. Still, I'm not sure if their win over the Cowboys tells us more about the Packers or Cowboys. Green Bay will have an opportunity this weekend against the 49ers to show just how good they are.

5. Houston Texans

Look, I know the Texans straight dominated the Browns and Joe Flacco has played out of his mind. I didn't feel Flacco would continue to roll as he has, just didn't know for sure when that roll would come to an end. He's still the same Flacco we saw with the Jets last season, only a year older. The Browns defense is good, but C.J. Stroud was better. Now the Texans have to go on the road and take on the AFC's top seed, the Baltimore Ravens. Like I said last week, don't count the Texans out.