Ranking AFC East head coaches before 2024 free agency

Who is the best head coach in the AFC East?

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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3. Robert Saleh

The Jets hired Robert Saleh in 2021 and it was considered to be an excellent hire at the time. Saleh had been stellar as the 49ers defensive coordinator during his time in that role but would he be able to do what so many people haven't and turn the Jets around?

In year one, the Jets won just four games under Saleh but unless a head coach is laughably bad, teams usually don't part ways with him after just one season. Year two saw the Jets improve to seven wins and the hype really started when the Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Rodgers went down just four snaps into the 2023 season and was lost for the year. This led to another disappointing year for the Jets and they finished 7-10 for the second straight year.

To this point, Saleh has yet to lead the Jets to a winning season and has a record of 18-33. He was retained for the 2024 season but one has to think he's on a short leash. If the Jets start off slowly, he could be out as the head coach and looking for a new job elsewhere.