Ranking the 5 best moves by the Buffalo Bills in the 2024 offseason

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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5.) Drafting safety Cole Bishop

The Bills’ secondary will look almost brand new in 2024, but they not only have immediate help, but as well as potential long-term future stability. The Bills managed to draft Utah safety Cole Bishop late in the second round of the NFL Draft and it was arguably the best pick by the Bills that no one is talking about. Bishop was teammates with Bills’ tight end Dalton Kincaid in college and Kincaid had expressed excitement for Bishop throughout the draft process.

Bishop is a physical safety who can not only help with coverage against tight ends, but he is a great run-supporter who can attack the ball at all times. We know how much Sean McDermott appreciates his defensive backs as he was one when he was in college back at William & Mary. Bishop will not learn from Mike Edwards (signed in free agency from Kansas City) and Taylor Rapp who was with the Bills last season.

4.) Bringing Mitch Trubisky back

The Bills’ first official move in free agency was signing back quarterback Mitch Trubisky who was with the Bills in 2021 before signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022. Trubisky is back in Buffalo ready to back up Josh Allen after a forgettable experience in Pittsburgh.

Why is this one of the best moves of the Bills’ offseason? It’s simple, it creates stability at the most important position on the field. While Allen has been lucky up to this point to not miss any games since his rookie season, Allen plays like an athlete rather than a quarterback and there is always a risk of injury at any moment.

Should Allen get injured at some point, the Bills are going to need the backup to command the offense. While Trubisky is not the same athlete as Allen, he has a strong enough arm and mobility to keep the playbook somewhat the same. Not many fans realize how important the backup quarterback position is until their starter goes down with an injury.