Protecting Josh Allen and other keys to victory for Buffalo Bills in Week 2

The Buffalo Bills are looking to bounce back after a rough week one loss to the New York Jets, here are some key things the Bills have to do if they want to earn their first win of 2023 against the Raiders.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Elsa/GettyImages
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Involve everyone on the offense

The most frustrating thing about the Jets' top-notch defense, is their ability to take away the intermediate and deep passing attack of opposing offenses. That’s a huge reason why they stack up so well against the Bills, as Allen and the Bills’ offense's best features are those levels of the passing game. Many will criticize offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, but he did have players open all night long underneath. Allen was doing a fine job of taking what the defense was giving him until he grew impatient and wanted to open things up, Josh Allen-style.

The Bills should be able to get back to what they do best and attack vertically this week, instead of being forced to attack horizontally. The Raiders defensive backfield isn’t a slouch though, as it features Marcus Peters, Marcus Epps, and Tre’Von Moehrig. The best way to attack them will be to spread the ball out to the numerous pass-catchers the Bills have. As mentioned, Dorsey did a solid job scheming guys open last week and with a settled-down Josh Allen, the Bills offense should look much better.

Allen usually follows up bad games with good bounce-back games. Diggs is obviously the number one option and after offseason discussions, it seems he will be heavily involved every week, more than in the past. If Allen is firing on all cylinders and spreads the ball around to multiple receivers, including his shiny new weapon in rookie Dalton Kincaid, he could be in for a monster game. When Allen is rolling, the Bills are close to unbeatable.