Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Sean McDermott will be head coach in 2024

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills
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There is no doubt that the Buffalo Bills (5-5) are in trouble at this point in the season. Whether you believe it is coaching or the lack of production of the players on the field, something is not right with the Bills. Head coach Sean McDermott made the decision to fire offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey this past week after the Bills lost their second consecutive primetime game against the Denver Broncos.

To Dorsey's credit, the loss to Denver was not his fault at the end of the game when there were 12 men on the field on a missed field goal by the Broncos. However, that does not excuse the poor performance by the offense since Week 5.

Now that Dorsey is gone, the Bills will roll with Joe Brady as the interim offensive coordinator for the remainder of the season. Now the next big factor to look at is McDermott and his security in Buffalo. There are fans that are calling for McDermott to be the next one that is handed the pink slip.

Since McDermott has been in Buffalo, the Bills have only missed the playoffs one time when Josh Allen was a rookie. He has led the Bills to three consecutive AFC East championships and has turned around the organization that didn't make the playoffs for 17 consecutive years before he arrived.

I'm not saying that McDermott is not weak in certain areas, but he has brought more stability to the Bills than they have had in a long time before hiring McDermott. Unless there is an epic collapse for the rest of the season, expect McDermott back on the sidelines next year in Buffalo.

Here are three reasons why Sean McDermott will be head coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2024.