Does it make sense for Bills to trade out of Round 1 of the NFL Draft?

Brandon Beane
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Pro: Not every player picked in first round is a first-round talent

Another pro of trading out of the first round is that not every first-round prospect is a first-round talent. There are diamonds in the later rounds of the draft every year. A perfect example, in the 2023 NFL Draft, Puka Nacua was selected in the fifth round for the Los Angeles Rams. He had a more productive season than the likes of first-round wide receiver Quentin Johnston. It mostly depends on the scouting from every team and what General Managers are looking for for their respective team.

Con: Bills would lose out on the fifth-year option

Another con to trading out of the first round is that only players selected in the first round will have the fifth-year option on their rookie contract. That makes it much easier to have a highly touted prospect on your team longer, which in turn helps the team cap-wise. Also, if the Bills stick at #28, there is a good chance that whoever they pick will be a good talent based on the film, the study of draft analysts, and the scouts on these prospects.

With all of these differing opinions on whether or not to trade out of Round 1, there is an argument to be made for both sides. The safest option would be to trade out of Round 1 and pick up extra draft capital and have more chances at landing talent. The other side of that coin includes either staying at #28 or trading up and potentially landing a star talent for years to come that would help the Bills to land their first Super Bowl. Whatever option Brandon Beane and this Bills front office choose will decide this next chapter of the Buffalo Bills.