Pro Football Focus ranks 2 Buffalo Bills in their top 50 NFL players

Buffalo Bills
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I have to admit I was a little surprised that only two players from the Buffalo Bills made PFF's top 50 players of 2023 list but in today's league, there is a ton of talent. Injuries undoubtedly had a lot to do with these rankings though. Von Miller would have been a candidate for the top 50, Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer too.

The one player I would have put on this list was Matt Milano. After all, he had the best year of his career and was All-Pro. He recorded 99 total tackles, 11 passes defended and three interceptions. Also, I believe I saw him split a quarterback in two.

The Buffalo Bills roster is stacked and one of the best collections of talent in the league. Not many teams can match the top-end talent and fewer can match the Bills depth. I imagine most fans can guess which two players made this list but let's get into it.

Josh Allen - Quarterback

This shouldn't come as a surprise but what fans might not like is despite being ranked number 12 on the top-50 list, there are two other quarterbacks ranked ahead of him. Patrick Mahomes I am ok with but Joe Burrow, no way.

"At his best, Josh Allen has shown he can go toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes on the biggest stage. The only real difference is the number of critical mistakes over a season. Allen's 4.2% turnover-worthy play rate was twice as high as Joe Burrow‘s and Mahomes' last season. As physically gifted as any quarterback in the game, Allen also produced a league-best 7.6% big-time throw rate and is a formidable rushing threat."

Pro Football Focus

Stefon Diggs - Wide Receiver

Stefon Diggs came in at number 24 and was the sixth-highest ranked wide receiver. Diggs to start the 2022 season was on an absolute tear but with the opposing defenses focusing on Diggs and utilizing bracket coverage, teams were able to slow him and the Bills' offense down. Even still, he finished the year with 108 receptions, 1,429 yards, and career-high 11 touchdowns.

"One of the best route runners in the game and a receiver with no real weakness, Stefon Diggs continues to play like one of the best in the league. He averaged 2.49 yards per route run last season, good for the fifth-best mark at the position. And as a smaller receiver, he caught 50.0% of contested targets, the same percentage as Philadelphia’s A.J. Brown."

Pro Football Focus

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