A week-by-week predictive breakdown of the Buffalo Bills' remaining games in 2023

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The Buffalo Bills are sitting in second place in the AFC East, with a 5 - 5 record. If the playoffs were today, the Bills would be out. Fortunately, for the team and the fans, there are still seven games remaining and only a game and a half behind the Dolphins in the division. Everything the Bills hoped to accomplish this season is still theirs for the taking.

The Dolphins' next five games are all against teams with losing records, but they close out the final three games against the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, and the Bills. The division title may come down to that final game against the Dolphins, which means the Bills' most likely playoff scenarios range from not getting in, to being the third or fourth seed. The top seed isn't out of the question but that would almost require the Bills to run the table from here on and help from many other teams. I don't see that happening.

For a lot of fans, the season is over but there are those more optimistic fans that still believe. I'm one of those more optimistic fans, as there is still time to turn this season around. A lot will depend on injuries, getting some guys back healthy, and getting the offense back on track. Ken Dorsey is out and now the question is will the new offensive coordinator Joe Brady get things rolling again? That's the million-dollar question and everything hinges on the answer.

Let's get into my week-by-week predictive breakdown