Predicting every prime time game for Buffalo Bills this 2024 season

The Buffalo Bills have had plenty of prime time matchups recently and this year should be no different. These are five matchups that could be great TV and the NFL will want to highlight in a prime time spot.
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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While the Buffalo Bills have known for some time who they would be playing in the 2024 season, they didn't know when they might be playing those teams. That is likely to change over the next week as the NFL should be releasing the upcoming schedule in the near future.

The Buffalo Bills have consistently had the most or maximum prime time games allowed by the NFL, which is six per season. That shouldn't change for this upcoming season and the Bills have a number of matchups that certainly warrant being played in front of a national audience.

These are five games for the Buffalo Bills that are likely to be played in prime time in 2024.

Kansas City Chiefs

Since the 2020 seasons, the Buffalo and Kansas City Chiefs have played seven times, which includes three playoff games. During that stretch, the Chiefs have won four of the seven matchups, including all three meetings in the playoffs.

However, almost every game has come down to the final minutes and has been incredible football. The last four matchups have been decided by less than a touchdown and their next game should be no different.

There is plenty of history between these two teams but for a television perspective there is none bigger than Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes. It would be surprising if this was not played in front of a national audience this season.