Predicting the primetime games for the Buffalo Bills in 2023 season

Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes
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When the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule is released later this week, the expectation is that the defending AFC East champions will have a number of primetime games for the upcoming season. Last year, the Bills were originally scheduled to have five primetime games, along with a nationally televised game against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

The Bills would end up having one more primetime game with the game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 15 being selected for the Saturday night game that weekend.

This season, the Buffalo Bills already know they have one nationally televised game with one home game being played in London. However, there are a number of opponents on the Bills' 2023 schedule that would be an excellent game and one that the NFL will likely want to put in primetime. These are my predictions for who the Buffalo Bills will play in primetime in 2023.

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills would go on to win their third straight AFC East title this past season however the race was much closer than in past seasons. The Miami Dolphins had their chance but would come up short but still make the playoffs as a Wild Card team.

Either of the games against the Dolphins could be an option for the NFL with it being a playoff rematch. However, the better storyline would be with the New York Jets, as they also factored into the division race for most of the season.

Either game against the Jets, at Highmark Stadium or MetLife Stadium, makes sense because the Jets traded for former MVP Aaron Rodgers. When teams make a high-profile trade like the one the Jets did, there is plenty of intrigue and a divisional matchup between Rodgers and Josh Allen should make for great television.