Podcast: Did the Buffalo Bills catch a break from the NFL schedule makers?

Buffalo will be featured in prime time slots several times in 2024. The Mafia Cast crew discusses the good and bad of the Bills 2024 schedule with special guest Matt Parrino.
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Jason Hanna/GettyImages

The NFL was in no hurry to release the 2024 schedule, but we finally got it. Right away, you can see one big plus for the Bills early in the season. Traveling to Miami to take on the Dolphins in Week Two, but it's a night game on Thursday, so they won't have to worry as much about the heat. Of course, Dolphins fans are upset, but hey not the fan's fault.

On this episode, we have a special guest on to talk about the good and the bad of the Bills 2024 schedule, and how the Bills have done so far this offseason. Matt Parrino from Shout! podcast will join us, as we look at each week of the Bills schedule and identify some games that could define the Bills' 2024 season. Outside of the Week Two, Thursday Night showdown with the Dolphins, did the NFL schedule makers do the Bills any other favors.

We discussed which games stand out as must-see TV and which ones have us the most excited to see. What trap games might loom, and where is the toughest part of the 17-game schedule? We chat about the prime-time games, which games we want to attend, and where the league messed up.

We also talked with Matt about the Bills' 2024 offseason and what he thinks about the team heading into the season. Has Brandon Beane and the Bills done enough to win their fifth-straight AFC East title or will the New York Jets or Miami Dolphins come out on top this time? The AFC will be stacked again this coming season, and the Bills won't have much time to get the new players acclimated to Joe Brady's playbook.

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