PFF's take on the Dolphins will have Buffalo Bills fans laughing

Is the Miami Dolphins being overlooked as true contenders for the Buffalo Bills' AFC East crown? Pro Football Focus thinks they are.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

I'm not sure why PFF says this team is being overlooked. ESPN's Marcel Louis-Jacques says the Dolphins will win at least nine of their first 11 games. Joe Schad of Palm Beach Post, predicts a 12 - 5 finish for them. These are just a couple of 2024 season predictions I found. Regardless of what is out there on the internet, PFF believes the Miami Dolphins are being overlooked.

"The Dolphins are tied with the Jets for the 11th-best Super Bowl odds. Sure, it’s understandable for people to be somewhat down on them, given how the 2023 season ended, alongside the fact that the Bills and Jets are in the same division. However, this team was in the hunt for the AFC's No. 1 seed in Week 17 last season."

Gordon McGuinness - Pro Football Focus

To begin with, last season marked the second consecutive year of losing the division at the end of the season. Both years they folded under the pressure of the Buffalo Bills on their heels. Buffalo is the team to beat in the AFC East and will remain there until someone proves they are the better team. That goes for the New York Jets too. Neither coach can hold a candle to Coach McDermott and neither has done anything since arriving in the AFC East to either dethrone the Bills or even win a playoff game.

Can the Miami Dolphins dethrone the Buffalo Bills?

However, if PFF wants to say the Dolphins are being overlooked, that's fine. But there are NFL analysts out there who seem to think the 2024 version of the Dolphins will somehow be different than the Dolphins of the last two seasons. Their fans believe the same, but that's understandable. The bottom line though, until proven otherwise, it's still the same old Dolphins that will struggle down the stretch. They may rack up impressive offensive statistics and secure some victories, but they're likely to come up short against the Buffalo Bills once more.