Buffalo Bills' 5-round mock draft following initial wave of free agency

We're still a few weeks away from the NFL draft but the initial wave of free agency has passed. The Bills addressed some needs; however, their work in building the 2024 roster is not done yet.

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A few key additions were added to the Buffalo Bills roster over the last few weeks via free agency. Brandon Beane has done a solid job of addressing roster needs and setting the Bills up to be in a position to attack the 2024 NFL Draft with a "best player available" mentality. I know GMs and coaches all say the way to draft is with the "best player" approach, but I think a more accurate representation of the draft process is the best player available at a position of need.

If the Bills come up in the draft at the 28th pick and the best player available is a quarterback, they aren't taking the quarterback. The most likely scenario is one of two, being either the Bills trade back or they take a player of need that is closest to the value of the 28th pick. There is of course a scenario where the Bills trade up and take a player of need with better value than the 28th pick. Either, they get a player of need, whether they trade up, back, or stay put.

In this mock draft, the Bills attack a position of need in the first two rounds, doubling down at wide receiver. I like the idea of wide receiver in back-to-back picks at 28 and 60; however, if they do this, they run the risk of missing out on a solid player at another position of need. However, if we are concerned about the "best player available", then receiver was the way to go in both the first and second rounds. Which again, is one reason Brandon Beane could decide to trade back and stockpile picks in rounds two through four. Let's get into the mock draft and see how this one turns out for the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills double up on receivers in the first two rounds