A look back at the Buffalo Bills history of the 28th overall pick

The Buffalo Bills have selected 28th overall five times throughout their history. So, we decided to rank them worst to first.

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1. Paul Warfield - wide receiver - 1964

Paul Warfield is the only Hall of Famer of this group, but if you aren't familiar with him as a Bills fan, it's because he, like running back Tom Woodeshick, never suited up for the Buffalo Bills. Warfield was selected by the Bills in the 1964 AFL Draft but was also selected by the Cleveland Browns with the 11th overall pick. Warfield chose the NFL over the AFL, as most players did in those days. Warfield played 13 seasons in the NFL with the Browns and the Miami Dolphins. His career totals include 427 receptions, 8,565, and 85 touchdowns.

It's hard to say the Bills should have chosen a different player here, given that Warfield went on to have a Hall of Fame career; however, there was one name that I came across that might have been a better option for the Bills because he elected to stay in the AFL, rather than play for the NFL. At pick number 46, the Houston Oilers chose a linebacker named Dave Wilcox, who earned the nickname, "The Intimidator". He was also drafted by the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, but he chose to stay in the AFL and went on to have a Hall of Fame career as well. Maybe if the Bills had selected him instead of Warfield, he would have stayed in the AFL with the Bills.


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