A look back at the Buffalo Bills history of the 28th overall pick

The Buffalo Bills have selected 28th overall five times throughout their history. So, we decided to rank them worst to first.
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With the 28th pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select.......we'll find out the answer to this next month but for now all we have is mock drafts and tons of trade speculation. The Bills' first-round pick is a mystery for now but let's delve into the team's history at number 28. We'll look at who they selected, but I also thought it would be fun to see who they could have picked instead.

The Bills have held the 28th pick five times throughout draft history, and I'm not so sure they will select there this season, but if they stay put, it would be the sixth time in their history picking here. However, as I said, I don't think they stay at this spot, as they are more likely to trade up or potentially back this season. Brandon Beane could surprise us all though, who knows with him?

The Bills have a history of unearthing gems in the 20s of the first round. They've drafted in this range 37 times, with three selections in 1964 alone. Standouts include Tre'Davious White, taken 27th overall, and arguably the best receiver in Bills history, Eric Moulds, drafted 24th. While the later first round offers talent, the question remains: can the Bills find an elite player at 28th this year? This year's regime differs from those responsible for past selections, but let's revisit the Bills' picks at 28, ranked by overall career impact and longevity, regardless of their tenure with Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills history of the 28th overall pick.