Josh Allen's worst game of 2023 led to Buffalo Bills' loss against Denver

In a loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday Night football, Bills quarterback Josh Allen played his worst game of the season and it was one of the biggest factors in Buffalo's loss.
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Buffalo Bills are now .500 (5-5) on the season after a 24-22 loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday Night football. Broncos' kicker Will Lutz hit the game winning field goal with 4 seconds on the clock to seal the deal.

The Broncos were able to get ahead with a halftime lead of 15-8. The Bills had six possessions in that first half and three of them were turnovers. Two of those three first half turnovers were interceptions by quarterback Josh Allen. It is the sixth straight game with an interception by Allen and he has 11 picks on the year ranking him at the top of the league for the most picks by any quarterback this season.

One of the interceptions did slip right through the hands of Gabe Davis, but, Allen again had a questionable decision later in the half with a ball thrown seemingly right to Denver cornerback Fabian Moreau.

Allen also fumbled in the second half totaling his turnover count to three in the Monday Night football matchup. The turnovers, along with a completion rate of 58% (season low), held his QB rating down to a 27.1 which is the third worst in his now 6-year NFL career.

The QBR being shown not only in this game but also in all the others shows that Allen's season has been a less-than-ideal one and it has hurt Buffalo. He has had a QB rating over 70 in just half of the ten games the Bills have played this season. Comparing that to last year, he had more games with a QBR greater than 70 through the first ten games of the season.

Allen's accuracy and turnover proneness hurt Buffalo Monday Night in one of the worst games he has had in recent memory. This trend is starting to become common this season and Buffalo will have to see a turn around from him to see a turn around for the team.