Josh Allen should win MVP and is the best quarterback in the NFL and here's why

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Josh Allen is the first and only

Speaking of Allen's performance against the Chargers, with his three total touchdowns, it moved him up to 40 total scores on the season, becoming the only player in NFL history to find the end zone 40-plus times in four consecutive seasons. When you think about that number and the quarterbacks over the years, that accomplishment is mind-boggling. With quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady, it's crazy to think no one has done this, except Allen. The record for the most seasons with 40-plus touchdowns in a career is six, held by Aaron Rodgers. Allen is tied with Tom Brady for second in this category with four such seasons.

With such a feat, it makes sense that Allen also holds the record for the most career touchdowns in his first six seasons, passing both Patrick Mahomes and Dan Marino this season. And Allen continues to add to his career touchdown total this year, with two more games left in the regular season. He currently sits at 216 career touchdowns.