Josh Allen should win MVP and is the best quarterback in the NFL and here's why

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Greatest performance in a playoff game versus the New England Patriots

In that 2021 Divisional Round showdown against the New England Patriots, Josh Allen put on a show like we've never seen before, literally. The number of quarterbacks in league history that have thrown for over 300 yards, five touchdowns, and over 60 yards rushing is exactly one.....just one quarterback has ever accomplished this feat and that of course, is Josh Allen, while also completing over 80% of his passes.

Speaking of the completion rate, Allen is one of only four quarterbacks to have thrown more touchdown passes than incompletions. That list consists of Daryl Lamonica, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady. That's some serious company to keep. Since the inception of the QBR stat, Allen recorded the highest rating in a playoff game at 98.5, breaking a Tom Brady record he held for 14 years.