Josh Allen might be looking for a new deal after ridiculous Jared Goff extension

Will Josh Allen get a contract extension anytime soon from the Buffalo Bills?
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When the Buffalo Bills extended Josh Allen’s contract in 2021 to a six-year, $258 million deal, it looked like a lot of money at the time. Now, it is a bargain compared to who has been paid since then. At an average per year, Allen makes just $43 million a year from the Bills. As a top three to top five quarterback in the league, Brandon Beane was able to play his cards right and Allen’s contract looks a lot better than some of the quarterbacks that have been paid more. 

A quarterback who just cashed in was Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions. Adam Schefter reported that Goff signed a four-year, $212 million deal that includes $170 million guaranteed. This deal makes Goff the highest paid player in Lions history at $53 million a year.

With this contract extension, could Allen be looking for a new deal?

Allen has restructured his contract multiple times with the Bills to create cap space and quite frankly, he is a better quarterback than Goff. This is not to say that Goff didn’t deserve his contract extension, but now this could put pressure on the Bills’ front office to make Allen happy by giving him a new deal. The biggest difference between Goff and Allen’s game is that Allen can make plays off script, while Goff needs all the time in the world and receivers to get open by two yards or more.

With this new deal that has been finalized, Allen is now being paid less than guys like Goff, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Jalen Hurts. Allen is better than Goff and Herbert. He has had more success than Jackson in the playoffs. When it comes to Jalen Hurts, it is almost neck-and-neck but Hurts has a better supporting cast around him.

Then with Burrow, he would be the only player who has an argument to get paid more than Allen (despite his durability being a big question).

At the end of the day, Allen likes to keep things quiet and handle his business in private rather than bring it up publicly. However, don’t think that Allen isn’t having private conversations about wanting to get a bigger deal. He plays like a top quarterback and most of the teams in the NFL would love to have him on the roster.