How close were the Buffalo Bills to being 10-0 rather than 5-5 in 2023?

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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It's been a frustrating season for the Buffalo Bills, as through the last four years, this team had Super Bowl aspirations but now it may seem that this team may miss the playoffs.

This team faced major injuries on defense and made some huge holes on the defensive side. The offense was expected to do the heavy lifting, but something went wrong on the offensive side after the Bills' dominating win against the Dolphins. 

It seems that every week, ever since the Jaguars game, the offense looks lost, yet there are a couple of drives during these games where they'd be dominant. Ironically, the defense would do most of the heavy lifting when they've faced the most injuries.

Despite the offensive struggles, they've still had chances to win at the end, to which they would answer with time left in regulation, but the defense came up short often. However, the team shouldn't be in those positions if the offense performed consistently. 

Now the Bills sit at 5-5 after their painful last-second loss against the Broncos, Josh Allen is taking a lot of heat, and fans are calling for Sean McDermott's head. Yet, in 7 of the 10 games, these games were decided by one possession, and the Bills could be undefeated right now if the team executed towards the end.