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Whether you believe in Pro Football Focus' (PFF) grading scale or not, it's a good way to measure players against other players in the same position. We hear people say things like, "Stats don't lie" or "Stats can be misleading". Two very different statements, yet both are accurate. The true story lies somewhere in between though. Stats are a good measure of a player's performance but it's not the end all be all either.

The folks at PFF have a team that reviews and analyzes every single play from every player's perspective. It's not just about completion percentages or drop passes, they look at if there were some other reasons the quarterback had 11 incompletions. Maybe a deeper look at it reveals the receiver ran the wrong route or simply didn't catch the ball. So, when we look at certain player's overall grades, the number might not match up perfectly with the player's stat line.

For example, O'Cyrus Torrence fits that description very well. While many fans see that Torrence has only given up one sack all season, PFF sees things a little deeper and Torrence has an overall grade of 57.9 on the season, which ranks him 47th out of 79 guards. Connor McGovern is similar, with a season grade of 55.9 but has also allowed one sack this year. Here is where the two differ, Torrence's pass-block grade is only 51.2, whereas McGovern is graded 74.2. Yet, Torrence's run-block grade is significantly higher than McGovern's, 63.8 and 44.8 respectively.

The Buffalo Bills have a few players who are some of the best in the league and their PFF grades show that as well but who are the Bills' top five guys per PFF? Let's take a look at those players from both sides of the ball, offense and defense. These players will be vital to the Bills' success against the Eagles and going forward, as the team pushes toward a playoff berth. We'll start with the offense but please note, that I'm basing these rankings on players with a minimum of 300 snaps.