5 reasons the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12

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The Buffalo Bills have a massive mountain to climb if they are to make the playoffs. They are sitting in a decent spot right now, as the eighth team in the AFC standings; however, their poor conference record could come into play. 10 - 7 might get them in but even still, they could be on their couch in January watching the AFC playoffs.

They've got six games remaining and need to win at least four of them but the next three games are against the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and Dallas Cowboys. The first one is this weekend when the Bills take a road trip to Philadelphia and face a 9 - 1 Eagles team that is flying high with the best record in the NFL.

I don't think this is a must-win for the Bills, but it would sure be nice if they can pull out the victory, improving to 7 - 5. What would a win in Philadelphia do for the confidence of not just the team but their fans too? It would be a huge win and the sort of win that could catapult a team through the remainder of the season and start to build some serious momentum.

Buffalo is more than capable of winning but fans are still cautiously optimistic. It was one game but the Bills looked as good as they've looked all season last week and the hope is they can carry that into this weekend against the Eagles. I believe they can and here are five reasons I believe that.