Higher cap projections could open door for Buffalo Bills aggressive free agency

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

The latest salary cap projections for the last several weeks as put the number around $242 million. Spotrac.com has it projected at $242.5 million, which would put the Buffalo Bills at more than $51.8 million. Bills fans have been talking about this and asking the question, is the 2024 season going to be a rebuilding year, and has the Super Bowl window closed? Now we are starting to hear rumors that the league-wide salary cap may be more than originally anticipated.

Pro Football Talk is now reporting sources saying the salary cap could be closer to $250 million, which would be huge for the Buffalo Bills. That extra $8 million could go a long way toward resigning some of their pending free agents, such as DaQuan Jones, Taylor Rapp and Tyrel Dodson. Perhaps even setting their sights on free agency and being more aggressive in going after some of the bigger-name free agents, such as Mike Evans, or edge-rushers like Chase Young or Jonathan Greenard. Spotrac.com has both of those player's market values of around $13 million on average annually.

The bottom line here is this could be a massive boost for the Buffalo Bills regardless of what they choose to do. After a few contract restructures of their own and probably a cap casualty or two, the Bills just might be able to make some moves and remind their fans and the league why Beane is referred to as Big Baller Beane. I still believe the Bills will need to utilize their draft picks to get younger on the defensive side and build the defense up for the future but more money in free agency will allow Beane to fill some needs via free agency, then package some draft capital to move up in the first round and get that soon-to-be star player in round one, like we all know he likes to do.