Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - defensive tackle DaQuan Jones

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DaQuan Jones joined the Buffalo Bills two seasons ago on a free agent deal. He's been nothing short of terrific for the Bills; however, over those two seasons, he missed the Bills final playoff game in 2022 and most of this past season due to injuries. Plus, he's 32 years old. Between the injury concerns and age, if the Bills can address the defensive tackle position alongside Ed Oliver by getting younger either via free agency or the draft, that might be the way to go.

I'm a big fan of Jones and would love to have him on the team but the above-mentioned concerns are an issue for the potential cost of re-signing him. According to Spotrac.com, Jones's projected market value is $6.8 million annual average. That would be ideal if the team could get him on a cheaper deal with incentives to make more.

Before his pectoral injury in the early part of the 2023 season, Jones was playing at an All-Pro level and the Bills defensive front was dominating opponents. After his return to the lineup in Week 17, he played well but it was evident he wasn't fully back to his original form yet. Can he come back in 2024 and play at that same All-Pro level or will age and injuries start to take their toll and limit his capabilities? This is something the Bills will have to decide on this offseason.

The Bills could potentially select some solid options in the draft in the first round but also in free agency. The plus with Jones though, is he knows the defense and is familiar with the coaches and players. Jones still has some left in the tank but must stay healthy. A full season of the Oliver and Jone tandem playing at the level they were during the first month of the season, would be dynamite.


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