Grading Josh Allen's performance in Week 1 against New York Jets

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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Takeaways from Josh Allen's performance

This was a dreadful performance from Allen. Almost no team will win with an offense that's committed four turnovers, especially if they're all from the quarterback. Allen was hungry for highlight plays, and in his defense, he could pull off many of them, but in this game, he couldn't risk those plays, especially in his team's situation.

Allen played hero ball when he didn't have to, plain and simple. The offense was moving off the short plays, he just needed to be a game manager, especially against a defense as good as the Jets.

This game was no different, and we've seen Allen make mistakes like this and clean them up, so fans shouldn't have to worry too much about Allen. But Allen needs to realize when he needs to play hero ball and when he doesn't need to.

Due to Allen's questionable, inconsistent decision-making, followed by some good plays like his 75-yard touchdown drive and his game-tying drive to force OT, Allen will receive a C- grade.

Josh Allen's Week 1 Grade: C-

We've still seen Allen make great plays this game, it's the decision-making that needs to be cleaned up. It is also week one, and still a very long season ahead of us. Many top-tier quarterbacks such as Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson also had lackluster games this week.

Allen and the Bills have a short week and will prepare to face the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, at 1 p.m. in Buffalo.

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