Gabe Davis entering a pivotal season with the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Gabe Davis begins sophomore season as the backup and ends with playoff record

At the beginning of his sophomore season, Davis would be the wide receiver four on the depth chart, as the Bills would acquire Emmanuel Sanders from free agency during the off-season.

This would be the season that Davis would make his case as a potential wide receiver two on the depth chart, but not entirely because of his regular season performance, but mainly because of his break-out performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round that year.

Throughout the season, similar to his rookie year, Davis was making great plays with the limited opportunities he had, which already had Bill fans calling for his name. But when Davis took the field against KC, he and Josh Allen couldn’t be stopped, as Davis would torch Steve Spagnuolo’s defense by recording eight receptions for 201 yards and four touchdowns.

Some major key plays included a 75-yard touchdown reception, a 27-yard touchdown reception on fourth down, and a 19-yard touchdown reception to take a three-point lead with 13 seconds left in the regulation.

To this day, Davis’s four- touchdown performance would be a postseason record for most receiving touchdowns scored in a game.