Fear the East: Buffalo Bills Undisputed Throne - Top 5 Dominant Division Reigns

Buffalo Bills
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5. 2023 Buffalo Bills (11 - 6)

I know, surprising right? This team is better than the media or even some Bills fans give them credit for being. I know they lost a few games this season that they probably shouldn't have, but they got it done in the end, and statistically, they were one of the all-time best teams. Their point differential was 140 points, the fifth highest in team history. They are one of only two teams in the league that did not lose a game by more than a score and their average margin of victory of 8.2 is the sixth largest in Bills' history.

This year's Buffalo Bills were sixth in scoring and fourth in total yards. On the defensive side, they ranked fourth in points allowed and ninth in yards. They probably would have been much higher in both defensive categories, but the team had to navigate some injuries to some of the best players. Heading into the playoffs, this defense is playing as well as any in the league. The final chapter of the Buffalo Bills 2023 season has not yet been written. Can this team bring the team's first-ever Lombardi Trophy to Buffalo?