Pro Football Focus: highest graded Buffalo Bills in 2023

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The 2023 NFL regular season is officially done. The Buffalo Bills played the league's final regular season game on Sunday night and came away not only with the win but with the AFC East title and the AFC's number two seed in the playoffs. They are guaranteed at least two home playoff games and potentially a third, should the Baltimore Ravens slip up along the way.

For the last several weeks, I've tracked the Bills top graded players per Pro Football Focus and now it's time to reveal the team's top five offensive and defensive players for the regular season. I'll track the PFF grades throughout the playoffs as well, as long as the Bills continue their push.

It's been a wild and crazy regular season with the Bills needing to put together a five-game winning streak that included four of the five by just one score. The Bills showed their resiliency and determination. The defense found another level of play we haven't seen since the early weeks of the season. Now Buffalo will take that defense into the postseason, where they could be the difference.

There were a few players that were in the top five on both sides of the ball but had limited snaps, as they were role players or backups that got a little playing time. For example, offensive linemen David Edwards and Ryan Bates graded 82.7 and 78.7 respectively. Running backs Ty Johnson and Damien Harris graded 82.0 and 76.5, respectively. With that, here are your Pro Football Focus's highest-graded Buffalo Bills in 2023.