CBS totally disrespects Bills' Mitch Trubisky in new QB ranking

We hope we never have to find out if the Bills Mitchell Trubisky can lead this team to wins, but is he one of the better backups QBs in the league?
Buffalo Bills
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When the Bills first signed Mitchell Trubisky back in 2021, he was considered by many to be one of the better backup options. He used that season to springboard into an opportunity to start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He started seven games over the last two seasons but was never able to hold on to the starting job, where he and Kenny Pickett would go back and forth, and now neither is a Steeler.

Cody Benjamin of ranked the top-ten backup quarterback situations in the NFL. One problem I have with this ranking, where is Mitch Trubisky. Some of the backup quarterbacks on the list I can get behind, but their number two in the league is the Vikings with JJ McCarthy. I have an issue with placing a rookie this high on any list unless it's a rookie-only ranking. McCarthy hasn't played a down in the league yet, how can he be considered the second-best backup in the league makes no sense.

Spots three and four are questionable as well, with Pickett in Philadelphia and Justin Fields in Pittsburgh, respectively. Number ten doesn't belong either, that is Sam Howell of the Seattle Seahawks. Most of the guys on the list have a ton of starting experience, such as Jimmy G, Carson Wentz, and Andy Dalton. But somewhere in this top ten, belongs Trubisky. I'd place him somewhere between six and ten.

Is Mitch Trubisky a fit with the Buffalo Bills?

He's an ideal fit for Buffalo, and although he's not quite at the elite level of Josh Allen, his skill set closely mirrors that, making him an excellent backup in Buffalo. Offensive coordinator Joe Brady wouldn't have to alter the offense or dumb it down for Trubisky. He can still run the same plays, call the same style of game, and change nothing. Trubisky has over 12,000 yards passing, better than 64% career completion rate, and 72 touchdowns. He's started 57 games in his career too. Trubisky has a lot of experience, he's no stranger to the game and knows how to run an offense.


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