Building Buffalo Bills "All-Draft" team with picks since 2000

2021 NFL Draft
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The 2024 NFL Draft is on April 25 this year and there is a lot of intrigue to what the Buffalo Bills will do with their first-round pick. Will GM Brandon Beane trade up and grab a top receiver? Will he stand pat and draft a receiver at number 28? Will he trade back? So many questions and no one will know the answer until the draft so until then, I thought I would have some fun.

I got to thinking about drafts of the Buffalo Bills' past. Some were good and some were not but what would an “all-time” team of just Buffalo Bills draft picks look like? Going all the way back to the 2000 NFL Draft to look at all the players the Bills drafted from then to 2023 and put them on a team.

Spoiler alert, Fred Jackson or Jason Peters won't be on this team because they were undrafted players and thus not eligible for consideration.

Buffalo Bills Offensive Skill Players

QB Josh Allen
2018 NFL Draft
Round: 1
Pick: 7

The best quarterback since Jim Kelly. Our Winter Soldier. Josh Allen has exceeded all expectations and is only going to endear himself to the fanbase more with the way he plays each and every game.

RB Marshawn Lynch
2007 NFL Draft
Round: 1
Pick: 12

The Bills didn’t get to enjoy Marshawn Lynch for long, but it was fun while it lasted. He found his success in Seattle but Buffalo is where “Beast Mode” was born.

 WR Stevie Johnson
2008 NFL Draft
Round: 7
Pick: 224

As far as seventh round picks go, this is the most bang for your buck you will find this side of Brock Purdy. Three straight 1000-yard seasons from 2010-2012 which was never done before in franchise history! Andre Reed never had back-to-back 1000-yard seasons, and 1000-yard seasons weren’t done consecutively again until Stefon Diggs did it from 2020-2023.

WR Robert Woods
2013 NFL Draft
Round: 2
Pick: 41

A great possession receiver for the Bills, he put together 2,451 yards and 12 touchdowns in four seasons in Buffalo and his longevity in the NFL is why I chose him for this team.

WR Gabe Davis
2020 NFL Draft
Round: 4
Pick: 128

2,730 yards and 27 touchdowns were great in four seasons with Buffalo and Gabe Davis makes this team over Sammy Watkins for one reason, health. Davis played in 64 games as compared to Watkins’ 37 with Buffalo.

TE Dalton Kincaid
2023 NFL Draft
Round: 1
Pick: 25

Dalton Kincaid is coming off a rookie season but he is going to surpass Dawson Knox as TE1. Kincaid will evolve into the playmaker the Bills need him to be and I think his receiving acumen is what gets him on this team over Knox.