Is the Buffalo Bills' wide receiver depth their biggest weakness

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According to Pro Football Focus, the Buffalo Bills' biggest weakness in 2023 is their wide receiver depth. I guess they didn't take a moment to review the Bils' linebacker depth. For me, this is where the lack of depth exists. We know what we have with Matt Milano but after that, it's a lot of young and unproven players, plus A.J. Klein.

As far as the wide receivers, I get that we have only three receivers from last season currently on the roster, Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, and Khalil Shakir, but the guys that follow aren't exactly rookies. The addition of Trent Sherfield and Deonte Harty are solid veterans, but yes, somewhat unproven given either injuries or a lack of opportunities.

"Outside of Stefon Diggs, there aren’t too many pass catchers on the roster that strike fear into the hearts of defensive coordinators. Gabriel Davis will have the occasional big game, but he isn’t much of a volume guy, as his single-game high for receptions in 2022 was six, which he accomplished twice."

Pro Football Focus

I find the comments here about Davis interesting, CBS Sports recently ranked the duo of Diggs and Davis number five in the NFL. I guess he doesn't strike fear but obviously, there is something there if they think the duo is fifth in the league.

Look, I know Davis had some drops and that was certainly frustrating. But as the number two receiver in this offense, he recorded over 800 yards, with seven touchdowns. He was also second in the league in yards per reception with 17.4 yards. It seems the fans set an unreasonable bar for him based on his huge game against the Chiefs. The numbers he put up last season would have been commended otherwise.

I suppose if PFF believes the Bills' biggest weakness is the wide receiver depth, that's not a bad thing. When you review the Buffalo Bills' roster, it is hard to find a real weakness, so if the best PFF could come up with is the receiver depth, we'll take that.

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