Buffalo Bills Week 17 Preview: 5 key players to watch against Patriots

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Dalton Kincaid

One player who had a really good game against the Patriots in their first matchup was rookie Dalton Kincaid. It was the first game that he looked to be a bigger part of the offense and finished the game with eight receptions on eight targets for 75 yards.

Kincaid would continue to be a big part of the offense as Dawson Knox went on injured reserve with a wrist injury. However, since Knox returned from injured reserve the rookie tight end has not been as effective.

In the past two games, Kincaid has only four targets and caught one for seven yards. Unfortunately, Kincaid hasn't shown to be the sure-handed target for Josh Allen during this stretch as two of those targets should have been receptions but resulted in drops.

For this game, fans should be watching how Kincaid and Knox play alongside each other and if the coaching staff can get both involved in this game. That versatility will go a long way to create unpredictability in the play-calling and keep defenses guessing.

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