Buffalo Bills: Week 11 final score prediction against New York Jets

It's round two for the Bills vs Jets 2023 matchup and we are here to give you our score prediction.
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

My hope is that we will be celebrating a Bills win after today's game. Buffalo has lost back-to-back games now and this season will certainly feel like a lost cause if the Bills lose a third straight. The team's playoff hopes, though not mathematically eliminated with a loss, would be all but dead with a loss today against the New York Jets. In short, the Bills are up against the wall and need to come out swinging, get their swagger back, and right the ship, starting now.

Buffalo has the advantage of the unknown. We haven't seen Joe Brady call a game as the Bills' offensive coordinator, though he did it for nearly two years in Carolina. This could be an advantage and one that hopefully Brady can use. I do expect some differences in what's called by Brady versus what we saw from Ken Dorsey. Will it make a difference? Maybe, but we'll find out before the sun sets today.

Buffalo's offensive line will be key in this game. If the Bills can protect Josh Allen and keep him clean, I think he can guide the Bills down the field; however, the other part of that is Allen has to be patient and not force the ball downfield into coverage. I would like to see Buffalo attack the middle of the field a little more, specifically with Dalton Kincaid. Kincaid has been a big part of this offense but primarily with shorter, underneath-type routes. Let's see more of him down the seams and put some pressure on the Jets' secondary.

Allen has five interceptions over the last three games against the Jets, and New York has done an exceptional job against many of the elite class of quarterbacks this season. They've forced a number of interceptions this year, so maybe a little more of the run game will help. The Bills managed 4.4 yards per carry against the Jets in their first matchup of the year. If Joe Brady decides to utilize the run game from under center, it should help open up play action in the pass game.

Week 11 Final Score Prediction: Buffalo Bills 21, New York Jets 17


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