Buffalo Bills: 5 key matchups vs. New York Jets in Week 11

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Things are not looking great for the Buffalo Bills, who have lost two games in a row after losing to the Denver Broncos this past Monday night, 24-22. In a game where the Broncos did not win, but the Bills lost the game, Buffalo took the lead in the fourth quarter before their defensive crumbled not once but twice.

First it was a costly defensive pass interference call on Taron Johnson to put the Broncos in field goal position. Then it was too many men on the field on the Broncos' first kick attempt that they missed which would have given the Bills a win.

Buffalo, who is now 5-5 on the season and continued to fall down the AFC playoff standings, is now back at home again to take on the New York Jets in their second matchup of the season. In Week 1, the Bills and the Jets faced off against each other in MetLife, where the Jets secured an overtime win.

The Bills recently fired offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey so it will be interesting how the offense, which has been heavily struggling for weeks will perform under interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

If the Bills want to crawl their way back up into the playoffs, they will need to be near perfect for the remainder of the season and it starts this Sunday against the Jets.

Here are the five key matchups for the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets in Week 11.