Buffalo Bills: Updated AFC East Standings after Week 6

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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With Week 6 being wrapped up in the AFC East, three out of four teams in the division find themselves on a high note with a win, while one team continues to fall down the standings. The four game window between all four teams in the division was kicked off with the Miami Dolphins hosting the Carolina Panthers.

Then in the 4 o'clock window, the New York Jets hosted the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots were out west taking on the Las Vegas Raiders. Finally, Sunday night was wrapped up with the Buffalo Bills welcoming back not just Brian Daboll, but also quarterback Tyrod Taylor of the New York Giants.

The AFC East heads into Week 7 with a combined 13-11 record. Two teams made statement wins, one barely scraped by and the last one will continue on a losing streak.

Here are the updated AFC Standings after Week 6 for the AFC East.