Which Buffalo Bills undrafted rookies have the best chance to make the team?

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The Buffalo Bills signed seven undrafted free agents this offseason with all but one being on the offensive side of the ball. The Bills would add one defensive tackle (DJ Dale), one running back (Jordan Mims), one offensive lineman (Richard Gouraige), and four wide receivers (Jalen Wayne, Bryan Thompson, Braydon Johnson, Tyrell Shavers).

Undrafted free agents usually don't make 53-man rosters as rookies but over the years the Buffalo Bills have had some surprise additions. One example was Reggie Gilliam, who was an undrafted free agent in 2020 but would beat out Patrick DiMarco for a spot on the roster.

Which Buffalo Bills undrafted rookies have the best chance to make the team?

The question this offseason is which undrafted free agents have the best chance to make the 53-man roster similar to Reggie Gilliam. One of the reasons that Gilliam was able to make the roster was he could impact the game in a number of ways, with his performance on special teams as well as a fullback on offense.

The one undrafted free agent that stands out among this group with that in mind would be Tyrell Shavers. The wide receiver out of San Diego State played extensively on special teams and had three career blocks in college.

The Buffalo Bills this offseason didn't bring back Jake Kumerow, who played 430 snaps on special teams over the past three years, and a player like Shavers could be an option to replace him.

While the play on special teams will be the path toward the 53-man roster, he will need to show he can contribute on offense if the need were to arise. Tyrell Shavers is 6'4" and tied for the tallest wide receiver on the roster alongside Dezmon Paton.

The fact that he would bring height to the position and could be a backup to Gabe Davis, similar to what Jake Kumerow did last year, is another reason why he has the best chance to make the roster. It is far from being a guarantee but with a good training camp and preseason, Tyrell Shavers is probably the most likely undrafted free agent to make the 53-man roster for the Buffalo Bills.

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