Buffalo Bills Training Camp: Day 1 Notes

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Buffalo Bills Training Camp / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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Dalton Kincaid Looks Good on Day One

The Buffalo Bills’ first-round selection, Dalton Kincaid, looked really good in his first official Bills practice. The top thing to note about Kincaid is how natural he looks. His routes are extremely fluid and his agility really shows. His hands are soft and catching is just natural to him.

Josh Allen and Kincaid Connection Starting Already

Especially in the early portions of practice where it was tight ends and receivers against only defensive backs, Allen and Kincaid connected multiple times for touchdowns. The Bills ran a bunch of red zone offense today, the tight ends were involved a lot. Going against the defense in 11-on-11 teamwork, Allen and Kincaid linked up for another touchdown.

Allen and Diggs Connection Looks as Good as Ever

Stefon Diggs reassured today that he and Josh Allen are good, and have always been on good terms. That was evident today as the dynamic duo linked up multiple times. In 11-on-11 red zone drills, Allen and Diggs linked up for a tight window throw into double coverage, that would have either been a touchdown or down at the one-yard-line.

In the full length of the field 11-on-11 work, Allen found Diggs two more times. The first was a 10-yard pass over the middle. That was followed a few plays later by a perfectly placed sideline throw through a defender, and caught with a toe tap by Diggs.