Buffalo Bills put in tough spot with Stefon Diggs clearly wanting out

No question, Stefon Diggs put himself ahead of the team

Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Ever since the news broke that the Buffalo Bills traded Stefon Diggs to the Texans, the thoughts have been running through my mind. I've had a handful of debates on the podcast about Diggs' random and cryptic tweets. The more I think about this whole situation, the madder I get. So, I need to move on and know that Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills will be fine in the future. However, before I do that, let me say a few things and get it off my chest.

This started when the Bills lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2022 playoffs. He left the stadium, with his teammates sitting in the locker room. One of his teammates had to convince him to come back. Then the cryptic tweets began, followed by the mini-camp situation. Diggs was unhappy and wanted the world to know it in his passive-aggressive manner. I voiced my opinion during my podcast and was told I'm just a grumpy old man and I don't get the younger generation.

Fast forward to the start of the 2023 season. From a statistical perspective, Diggs was having a fantastic season, but that changed about mid-way into the season. The targets came down but he was still targeted more than any player on the Bills roster, yet the production wasn't the same. There was talk about an injury, defenses focusing coverage on him, and the offense changed. Every excuse was given, other than to blame the player that led the team in dropped passes.

The season once again ended in a playoff loss. Shortly after that, the random and cryptic tweets began again. This time it caused a significant divisiveness among the fan base and I have a hard time believing there wasn't some grumbling behind closed doors among the Bills roster too. They might be athletes, getting paid a lot of money, but they are still human. After the trade was announced, Joe Mixon took to Twitter, posting a message to Diggs, which indicated that Diggs requested a trade. During Brandon Beane's presser after the trade announcement, he was asked if Diggs requested the trade. Beane wouldn't answer the question directly.

Stefon Diggs quit on the Buffalo Bills

It became clear to me that Diggs wanted out. He turned his back on the fans, the organization, and most importantly his Bills teammates. He made it clear that he is more important than anything. He knew full well the financial restraints he would be putting the Bills in due to the massive dead cap hit. He knew the potential hole he would be leaving in the Bills receiver room. At the end of the day, Stefon Diggs quit on the Buffalo Bills. And for this fan, goodbye, don't let the door hit you from behind.


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