Buffalo Bills: Top 5 targets in first round of NFL Draft after start of free agency

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The Buffalo Bills needed to get younger, cheaper and better.

When the Bills released numerous veterans last week, they committed to retooling an aging roster that was coming off another postseason disappointment against the Kansas City Chiefs. In the days since they've been relatively quiet.

In that case, how can they get any better?

The Bills are set to make 11 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, the most important of which is the 28th overall selection. If the team wants to improve, they'll probably need this player to create a significant impact during their rookie season, especially because the Bills still have some glaring holes in their 53-man roster.

So who should the team be targeting in round one?

The obvious answer would be according to the teams needs — safety, defensive tackle, or wide receiever. But depending on how the board plays out, they should consider taking the best player available, similar to their drafting of tight end Dalton Kincaid last season.

In this story, I'll outline the top five players — within reason —  that Buffalo should be eyeing down with the 28th overall pick.

Some will be safeties, some defensive tackles, some wide receivers, and some not.