Buffalo Bills: Top 5 non-divisional matchups on 2023 schedule

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The Philadelphia Eagles represented the NFC in the Super Bowl last season and have a very good chance to repeat that feat in 2023. This will be a big-time game for both teams as they will want to see how they measure up to the best each conference has to offer. No question fans will be excited for this game as well.

It's very likely the NFL schedule makers put this one in a prime-time slot, whether that be a Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night game. It's possible they could return to Thanksgiving or perhaps even the NFL's first-ever Black Friday game.

It's Josh Allen versus Jalen Hurts and this type of quarterback matchup always brings the audience. You won't find a top-five quarterback ranking anywhere that these two aren't included. This could also be a potential Super Bowl preview.

These two teams are a stark contrast to each other too. It's the pass early and often attack of the Bills versus the run-heavy style of the Eagles. Each defense will have their work cut out for them and it will be a ton of fun to watch this game play out.